Friday, February 13, 2009

"Like someone has a palm to each ear and is SQUEEZING as hard as they can."

Huh, so this is what its like to be too busy to blog.
I had that sore throat last week that turned into a cold, which turned into waking up Sunday morning feeling on the verge of death. I tried to stagger from my bedroom to the kitchen to get a drink, but only made it as far as my door before quickly collapsing back into my bed. While sitting half-off the bed I felt like my ankles were on fire--a strange feeling, really. I reached down to find who was under my bed with the flamethrower. Rather than finding a weapon-wielding troll, I found my ice cold ankles. Huh, weird. I was burning AND freezing, so I knew something was wrong.
I felt a bit delirious and dizzy but somehow made it into the bathroom to find the First Aid kit under the sink. Lessee here... Vicks VapoRub, Benadryl, weird expired pain killers, check check and check. Aha! THERMOMETER!
Pop open the cap, pull it out, slip it under the tongue, and then we wait.
And wait.
I think I fell asleep before that stupid little thing beeped. But beep it did! (finally)
I squinted at the little plastic stick. Huh, that can't be right. 104 degrees? No way. Lets try again...
Slip it under the tongue...wait...kinda fall asleep...wake back up...wait...BEEP!
104 degrees
Nope, its got to be wrong.  AGAIN, I SAY! 103.6 this time. I was content with that.
Ok, so I had a fever. A really high fever. No wonder it felt like my brain was melting and my skin was charred.
Now I needed to rack my curdling brain for "What To Do When You're On Fire." Answer: Stop drop and roll. Oops, wrong chapter. "What To Do When Your Insides Are On Fire." Answer: Call Mom.
However, I was sure my Momma was at church at that moment, so I turned over and fell back to sleep. (ha! like I had the strength for turning over! Its more like I let gravity close my eyelids and fell back to sleep.)
And then I woke up, pulled out the remote that was digging in my ribcage, and flipped on whichever channel I'd last watched. (This would be Food Network, of course.)  Although I couldn't pay attention to it at all, it was comforting to not be lying in the dark in pain with just my own voice (in my head) to keep my company.
I finally texted Ashley because I was supposed to work with her that afternoon. I somehow had it in my brain that maybe this would pass in time for my shift (12:30) that I said to her "Maybe I shouldn't come in?" HAHAHA! Maybe.
Then I got a hold of my mother, who told me to cool myself down (a novel idea, what hadn't I thought of that?) and to keep my throat moist. Okey doke, I can do that.
So I spent the next two hours asleep on top of my blankets with the ceiling fan running with a wet washcloth over my entire face. Hahahahahahaha. What a sight.
By Sunday night my fever hadn't gone down and I hadn't moved more than a few inches. My bff Sarah left me a voicemail (while I was in a cool shower moistening my throat) and I listening to just about half of it before instinctually flipping my phone closed. Hahahaha. Wow, my brain was not in for having to think.
I thought there was no way I would be able to sleep through the night after having slept off and on the entire day, and yet I didn't wake up a single time.
My fever came down to 99.9 on Monday morning. Woohoo! The delirium was lessened and I didn't want to fall over from dizziness everytime I sat up. Yay! But I still spent the entire day in bed. (Coughing up my entire respiratory system.) Just to be sure.
The congestion has moved up...They are traveling North. A headache and a slight earache has turned into a full-blown can't hear out of either ear, totally congested, sinus headaches, and even my eyelids hurt! A lot!
Although not being able to hear has its advantages. Like when you work in a salon with 30+ girls with blowdryers.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

Wow, I hope you feel better soon, but I'm so glad that fever's down! That's a nasty little bug you got. :(

Amy said...

Hope you feel better soon. I've been sick a bit myself but not as bad. Take it easy and don't do too much when you start feeling better.