Monday, February 16, 2009

I've gotten trunky

...Because I know I'm leaving school, my job, and moving within the next few weeks.

I just don't care at school...I want to be done.

I just don't care at work. I'm putting in my 2 weeks notice soon.

It is hard to want to even care at work anymore. Most customers are jerks. And 86% of my time is spent fixing what people mess up. I'm pretty much just sick of it all.
I glared at a woman whose daughters were running at high speeds through my store for about fifteen minutes last night. She was looking at socks. Really? Really?! ...I wanted to trip them.

My stupid new manager, B.B.D. keeps posting little notes everywhere with things like "Every employee must get two customer email addresses a day to meet our goal. Don't get written up for this!"

Really? You're going to write me up because our customers don't want to be bombarded weekly with emails from our company? (I get them. Its annoying.) HA!
Write me up for something good. Like how I refer to you as The Big Bad Wolf at every possible chance. Because you know what? I DON'T CARE.


Sarah C. said...

I support you in all of this. I'm two months away from the end of things, though, and I can't muster up energy to care about anything.

I got your message, p.s., but it cut off in the middle of it. Did you keep talking without noticing that? Because that would make me SO happy.

Anonymous said...

I am super excited that you are coming back to Utah. We never see you and it has been years now! I'm sure it is hard to keep working, and school when you know it is over and you passed, and you don't care about loosing your job. Not to say you should not try to keep a job, but I understand. You probably have mixed feeling about coming back, but we are excited!