Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Its be grubbin' time!" -Joey

All of Sunday and Monday I was walking funny because my left knee felt messed up. Almost like it was slipping out of joint with each step. I chalked that one up to falling asleep half-way off the couch.
Then for the past few days my lower back has been aching. Like a pinched nerve, but I don't notice it all the time. If I sit down for any amount of time it will come back full-force. When I first stand up my natural inclination is to slope over, trying to find a position to lessen the pain. I've been stuck in the dispensary of the salon all morning; hunched over, trying to keep my mind off the burning in the small of my back.
I've twisted, stretched, arched. Everything short of having someone actually stand on me.
I have a pedicure client in five minutes. How in the honkity schmonkity am I going to crouch over someone's nasty feet for an hour with this pain? (The $3 tip [on average] is definitely not worth it.)

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Deborah said...


I have had the same pinched nerve pain since Utah. It kills after sitting for long or sleeping. Call me. I have a question for you.