Wednesday, October 01, 2008

its none of my nevermind

Eek, I'm getting bored with my hair. (These are the intelligent conversations I have with myself during the day. My little sister was writing a paper on a case study, I was worrying about limp curls on a plastic head.)

I almost asked a classmate to darken my hair. I'm just blah about it. I dunno.

So I made a collage of my various recent hair colors/lengths...and I need opinions. I need an opinion of my own, but I will need to rely on others until I can deduce my own.

[it becomes ginormous when clicked, which is both instructions and a warning.]


Sariah in Vancouver said...

I really like the color of brown in the pics where you're wearing the teal shirt (one is the lower left hand corner). As far as length and style... I don't have a strong preference. So... that's my two cents. ;)

Meridith said...

Hey! I was going to say the exact same things as Sariah! I love when your eyes match your hair color. It looks beautiful.

I like the length in that lower left hand corner as well.

Karie said...

Ditto the preference for the lower lefthand corner color. I also like the looser curls you have in the middle left. But definitely go dark!

Anonymous said...

I actually really like it brown, I agree with Sariah, I like the pic in the corner with your teal shirt and brown hair.

lisapants said...

It seems like there is a consensus. I like the picture with the brown hair and teal shirt the best.