Monday, September 08, 2008


I have several mornings off this week and have been wondering how to fill that time. More episodes of House? Nah, I'm going to be convinced my heart is exploding and probably rush myself to the ER. Clean my room? Nah, hahahahaha. And then I realized: there are MUSEUMS here! I <3 Museums! Oh blast...I hate going alone.

SWF seeks SWM to accompany me to every museum in the Las Vegas valley. (More specifically the Natural History Museum and the Atomic Testing Museum...I'm nerdy like that.) Merely a silent companion to wander museums with me. Required to pay own way, and not complain when I spend HOURS reading each placard as well as perusing the gift shops for more time than the actual exhibits.

I would ask Elizabeth, but she has her children and students that take up her daytime.


Meridith said...

If I lived there, I'd go with ya. I wouldn't promise to be silent, though. ;) We'd have WAY too much fun for that.

Rico said...

I'm available.