Sunday, September 07, 2008

"It's an anomaly. Anomalies bug me."

I look really cute right now (chunky cute judges on a curve [get it? get it?]) and yet I'm wasting the cuteness by laying in my HUGE bed, surrounded by eight pillows (only eight because three pillows have fallen in the small space between my bed and the wall and I'm just too doggone lazy to climb across my HUGE bed to dig them out), four comforters, and a partial bag of candy corn. (You may see the bag as half-full. However, I've eaten half the candy corn, so I see the bag as half-empty.) (They are carmel apple candy corn, so it falls under the Fruit section of the food pyramid) while watching season 2 of House, M.D.
And this is why I love Sunday nights.

So now that I've watched oh...3.5 hours a disc, 7 discs, plus one disc at 2.5 hours...27 hours (i totally cheated and pulled out the calculator; my math skills at work) of House, M.D. this week (Does anyone say the MD part?) I'm pretty much convinced I have several medical problems and need an MRI, CT, echocardiogram, etc. I'm itchy when the character is itchy. Is it normal for your heartbeat to POUND OUT OF YOUR CHEST when you're trying to fall asleep? ...or is that just because I'm crushing my chest with all of my torso weight?

Wilson: "I hear bowling is more fun than stalking."
House: "But I'm better at this."


TDawgYo said...

I think watching all that medical stuff has just made you a hypochondraic.

Susannah said...

this is true.
Just as watching Ace of Cakes leaves me convinced I, too, can build and decorate Hogwarts from fondant. As watching Project Runway leaves me convinced I can design and execute a fall line. As watching Iron Man leaves me convinced I am in love with Robert Downey, jr.