Tuesday, August 05, 2008

sisters: Elizabeth, Susannah, Meridith, & Deborah

My oldest brother has always mocked me for just about anything he could deem mockable. That I put myself out there digitally has been a large target for years.
But as of yesterday, my big brothers a blogger. Yipee!

I begin this virtual journey despite the screaming of every instinct in my toned and curvaceous mind to run - or, well, ok if not run, at least walk purposefully the other way. I have heretofore lived my life with one predominant theme, "Don't do anything that would allow Clarke to say - See, I told you that you would like it." I fear that my pride will not survive that gleeful look from the technojunkie.

Regardless of my trepidations, I suppose that I will try this "sport" made popular by the privacy challenged desk heads and begin spouting my twisted thoughts skyward like a hyperactive humpback.

I'm excited.

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