Friday, August 08, 2008


Yeah, yeah, I've been lax about updating. Chalk it up to laziness or impatience.

Thats not to say I haven't tried to update. I just get frustrated with the slowness of my connection or lose my train of thought. So instead of sending those posts to Draft Heaven, I'll throw them up here in a random jumble of words:

There are some things that are so funny I have to share, but they lose a bit of the funny if they are spoken about. A dilemma, yes?

Like listening to my voicemail. Sarah leaves me the longest voicemails allowable. And I do the same to her.
They usually go something like this:
"Hey Sar, it's Susannah...Dude, I'm walking out of the bank and this small truck just passed me and you will never guess what it is adorned with. Never. So I will tell you: bottlecaps. Seriously. They are in swirly patterns all over the sides of the truck. I'm heading over to Subway because the only food in my house is expired milk, lightly moldy english muffins, and church food storage tins of beans..." and continue for several more minutes.
I think and speak in movie quotes (and song lyrics). I get blank stares quite often, as my quotes are kind of obscure. A few of the most repeated lines are:

"I find you strangely attractive (?)" - Pride & Prejudice (LDS) (Darcy)

"You're talking gibberish!" - That Thing You Do! (Steve Zahn)

"That don't make no sense." - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (John Turturro)
"Is you is or is you ain't my constituency?" - O Brother, Where Art Thou? (The guy running for mayor)

"Did the dry cleaners have your car?" - Sabrina (Greg Kinnear)

"Delicious!" - track #1 from Dr. Demento 20th Anniversary CD

"That's what the card says." - Mystery Men (Dr. Heller)
"That doesn't make any sense, he wouldn't be able to see." - Mystery Men (William H. Macy)
"No, no, no no" - Mystery Men (Jeanine Garofalo)

"Eins, zwei, drei, and push her down the ice." - Cool Runnings

"For a Republican you are sinfully handsome." - Annie (Carol Burnett)

"Oh, yes, of course." - Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth) (its really the way its said, rather than what is said. Its a "Oh, duh, I knew that" statement. Its from a scene where Mr. Darcy asks Elizabeth if her family is well...about three times.)
This weekend I started watching season one of The X-Files. I am on disc 4, episode 16. I am planning to finish the entire series this summer. I thought I knew enough about season one that it would just be a refresher. Nope. its all new to me. (And it has only resurfaced that mini obsession with David Duchovny I had through 11th and 12th grade.)
While I was cleaning my room today I found a Whatchamacallit bar. Worth all the sweat and tears and alphabetizing.
Tashina: is having a large chest an obvious quality? or do qualities have more to do with personality?
Susannah: I hope its a quality because that and amazing procrastination skills are my two best qualities
Tashina: haha
Tashina: okay, other than my large chest, what would you say is an obvious quality of mine?
Susannah: Lessee, hows your procrastination skills?
Tashina: shoddy
Susannah: then I'd say large chest is all you have. ;)
Tashina: hahaha
Tashina: large chest it is
Susannah: oh, height too. We've got that.
Tashina: ah, yes
Tashina: but you don't have a large chest
Tashina: you have a GIGANTIC one
Susannah: I've got 5'10...and you've got, what? about a million centimeters? What do you Canadians go by?
Tashina: hahaha
Tashina: same as you
Tashina: feet
Tashina: i'm 5'11
Susannah: ah, ok
Tashina: sometimes i like to say that i'm 6'
Tashina: depends on how large i feel

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Meridith said...

Funny, cause I know and enjoy the quotes to which you are referring. :) You're cool.