Thursday, August 14, 2008

a new version of the old scene

Yesterday I fell asleep from 5 pm until almost 11 pm, so I was wide awake for most of the night. I thought huzzah! now I can finally catch up on all those things I need to get done! Apparently I have never met me.

Things I needed to do today:

Two loads of dishes
Four loads of laundry
Clean the kitchen
Clean the bathroom
Clean my bedroom
Clean up my desk
A good workout
Read Eclipse
Make breakfast, lunch, and something to take with me to the salon tonight.

Things I have done:

Scrapbooked a few pages
Watched Spaceballs, Addams Family Values, and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Blasted Aerosmith at 4 a.m., sang along
Stared at the cover of Eclipse for a while
Deleted bookmarks of now-private blogs
Caught up on blogs of quasiacquaintances
Walked a 1/2 mile, sat down on the treadmill, read a magazine
Took digital pics of some prints because I don't have a scanner
Fell off the yoga ball I sit on at my desk, hitting my head against the wall, haha
Pondered over my Betty Crocker's Cookbook, pretty much convinced I am an amazing cook

...and I haven't eaten anything since 7:45 a.m. yesterday

1 comment:

Ross & Amanda Goodman said...

I cannot even tell you how many times I fell off my balance ball/ desk chair and hit my head!