Thursday, August 14, 2008

ingredients and condiments

My kingdom for a horse some ingredients!

During the The Great Famine of '08 (remember that? When I learned why they have expiration dates on cans of soup?) I got a little creative in my cooking. And by creative I mean added frozen spinach to things that should not have had spinach, merely because it was the only vegetable-like product in the house.

The food in my house can be broken down into a few categories, such as:
* Family Cannery Things I'll Never Touch Because Who Needs Ten Pounds of Pinto Beans?!
* Snow Cone Syrups
* Expired

Which makes real not-Ramen cooking kind of difficult.

I just found a recipe for Smoked Gouda and Spinach Stuffed Chicken and then I died.
It uses my favorite ingredients of butter, cream cheese, gouda cheese, spinach, and the tamest protein of all: chicken.

And I soon realized that if I wanted to make this today I'd be required to do a few substitutions ... something more like: Frostbitten gross Cheddar and canned string bean stuffed egg whites. Delish.

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