Thursday, May 29, 2008

Walking the plank

I've been wandering around in a swimsuit all afternoon. Breaking it in?

Tomorrow morning I am leaving Orem, Utah and driving down to Las Vegas, Nevada with my parents and little sister, Meridith. I'll repack all my stuff and switch out my jeans & dresses for swimsuits & Tshirts. Saturday morning we are driving from Las Vegas to Long Beach, California.

Sunday morning every single one of my siblings, nieces, nephews, and my parents are boarding our Disney cruise ship and we're heading out to sea ...well, lets be honest, this is my family, we're heading out to buffet.

Monday we'll be playing on board the ship all day. (What will we be doing? watch this)

Tuesday we'll disembark in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where I'll be shopping.

Wednesday we'll disembark in Mazatlán, Mexico where I'll be finding myself a cabana boy. (It is also my parents 38th wedding anniversary.)

Thursday we'll disembark in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I'll wander the Mexican Wal-Mart (i know, i know, how does that differ from Vegas's? [i kid! i kid!])

Friday we'll be playing on the ship all day long.

Saturday we'll be playing on the ship...oh yes, it will be fun.

Sunday we'll have to leave our ship :( and drive back home.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

I'm pretty sure that coveting is a sin, but right now I'm awfully jealous!!! Have a GREAT time!!! :)

Susannah said...

Haha, thanks Sariah! Next time you'll just have to come with me!

Meridith said...

Our prince was cuter than that guy. ;)

Sarah C. said...

Could you get with the updating, Sue? Sheesh!