Wednesday, May 28, 2008

blind we are if creation of this clone army we did not see

Sushi: "I want to do a marathon, but I just don't know whether to go from 1 through 6, or 4 to 6 then 1 to 3."
Zack: "Yeah..."
Sushi: "I mean, it's quality of entertainment versus quality of effects. I watched Episode 1 a few months ago and I had to fast forward through most of the dialogue."
Zack: "3 is not that bad."
Sushi: "Are you KIDDING ME?! 'Anakin, you are breaking my heart.'"
Zack: "Haha, I get what you mean."
Sushi: "La Femme Hayden is just so dang whiny! 'He's holding me back; he's jealous of me!'"
Zack: "Yeah, but I mean so was Luke. Luke Skywalker is just as whiny."
Sushi: "I know! He's so annoying. If it weren't for Han Solo and Princess Leia (and Yoda), NO ONE would care about the original trilogy!
Zack: "That's true."

Meridith walks by

Sushi: "Oh yes, Meridith; this conversation is really happening."


watching Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sushi: "Dude, that is Gimli. To me that is just Han Solo and Gimli chatting together. What kind of a geek does that make me?"
Zack: "And that's why I like you."
Sushi: "I'm half-expecting him to turn to Indy and say 'Don't tell the elf!'"

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Sarah C. said...

I'm pretty sure I gave you your sore throat. I have bronchitis. Oops. Sorry, Susie. That's what friends are for, right?