Wednesday, April 02, 2008

"I am just going to refer to myself as This Honeyman from now on." -Ryan

Today I was officially promoted to a Key Holder, woohoo! I had to call the security systems people and get my new security code for the alarm. My customer service guy was named Steve, and we ended up in a conversation about Hugh Jackman's movies. He likes Van Helsing, I am a bit more of a Wolverine gal.

I get to open the store this weekend and then I get to close a few times next weekend. Woot!

Honeyman: So how is life, school, and work? I haven't talked to you in forever!
Susannah: I know! its been years!
Honeyman: hahaha, well not quite that long, but pretty close!
Susannah: Work is going well. I'm being trained as a Key Holder this week, but they're also cutting my hours because it's not our busy season anymore.
Honeyman: Are you getting a raise at work for becoming a key holder?
Susannah: Nope, but I will be able to open the store and work my entire shift alone. (woohoo)
Honeyman: Is that really a good thing?
Susannah: Yes. That means I get to sit down whenever I want, and have my drink at the cashwrap.
Honeyman: HAHAHA, that is the Susannah I know!

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