Monday, March 03, 2008

Welcome to the Family Feud

Luke: "I love my auntie."
Susie: "You have lots of aunties. But I'm your favorite; it's OK, you can say it; you like me best, hahaha. Do you know how many aunties you have?"
Luke: "I have two aunties."
Susie: "Nope, you have eight aunties."
Jayar: "No, he's only got..."
Susie: "It's eight: Auntie Heidi, Auntie Suzanne, Auntie Aliesha, Auntie Deborah, Auntie Meridith, Auntie Corey, and Auntie Levatica. Oh crap, that's only seven. Am I missing anyone?"
Jayar: "Auntie Susannah?"
Susie: "HAHAHAHA, oh yeah, me."


Meridith said...

You brainwasher.

Susannah said...

Hey now. We both know Brooklyn and Ella like you better than me, so what is the harm in me reminding Luke he prefers me over you? ;)

Meridith said...

Those girls don't need reminding. ;)

Caroline said...

You forgot yourself? WOW Meridith was right. That is like you though.:p