Friday, March 21, 2008

The first days of Spring

I often miss home. Yeah, I miss my family and friends and all that, but its the small random things I find myself missing.

Like Summerfest. Orem holds the Summerfest every June, and I love the small city feel. Hanging out in Las Vegas I almost never see someone I know. It's just too big, far too many people. But you always see people you know at the Summerfest. Its booths and food and bands and a parade and fireworks!

Perhaps I'm feeling this way because of the weather. It is GORGEOUS outside. It has been in the 70s, mostly. Blue skies, flowers blooming. I am usually only outside when walking to and from my car. But I don't have to leave for work for a few hours so today my camera and I are going on an adventure.

This is all getting me very excited for my cruise in June. I have to officially take time off from school to go, and they've changed the minimum to 5 weeks. So I am considering spending a few days in Orem before we head on vacation. Which would mean I have to be in vacationing shape in 9 weeks. (I have to lose 10 lbs so as to balance the 10 I will gain on the cruise ship.)

But if I spend a few days in Orem after the cruise I will be there during Summerfest!

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