Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh my.

On the news this morning they announced auditions for The Biggest Loser will be coming to Las Vegas in about three weeks. My first thought was SWEEEEET! But only for a moment.
In 2006 I went to a casting call. It was a lot of fun. I stood in like from 6 a.m. until 1 p.m., but I met some hilarious people, and had a blast. (Which I wrote about.) In 2007 I mailed in an audition tape. I was selected to go through the next few rounds of casting. In late 2007 I went to a casting call. It was fun, but a bit boring. I was only in line for about an hour, but the ladies around me were fun. They all called me Anna Nicole (which I get a lot.)

So obviously I've never gotten on the show. Which sucks because, hello, I want Bob Harper to kick my behind.

But it is now February 2008--I started auditioning TWO YEARS ago. If I actually stuck with what I start over and over I would have completed all of my goals by now. That's insane.

Dang. So now my only question for today is Tae Bo or Pilates?

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