Saturday, January 05, 2008

I don't know where I'm gonna go now/but I've got to move on somehow

I'm leaving Utah tomorrow to head back to Las Vegas. Hmmmm.

I've enjoyed being here. Really, it just felt like the past two years didn't really happen. I felt like I'd been gone for a month or two. It really threw me off to realize people had lived their lives away from me for TWO SOLID YEARS. What the?! Sarah had a different apartment than the one I knew about. Ryan had friends and jobs I didn't know about. Huh?!

I honestly felt like everything should be the same as when I left. The friendships I had in September of 2005 should have the same dynamics today as they did then, right? Apparently not.

I now realize I keep trying to push a friendship on people who don't want it, because I'll hate to lose them. (Coincidentally, my iTunes is set on random and I just realized "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" by Diana Ross & The Supremes is playing, hahahaha!)

My parents want me to sincerely think about moving back home. I don't think I want to right now. It would be the smartest thing to do financially, but when have I ever made the smartest decision?
I enjoy the school I am attending, I enjoy my handful of Vegas friends, I enjoy living alone, I enjoy being near my sister & family, I enjoy THE WARMER WINTER! ;)

If I can get a job that pays well, then I can make it through the next year and a half until I graduate. Who knows what I'm going to do once I have my cosmetology license?! Utahns are cheap (nice generalization there) and Las Vegans are more willing to pay for the services (again, quite general), so I may want to stay in the area. I have no idea yet.

I make life-altering decisions flippantly.

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