Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"Big girls that take care of themselves are FABULOUS." -Honeyman

Honeyman: You know how you once blogged about how I am too nice to...nice know how you said...

Susannah: Hahaha 'nice to...nice to..."

Honeyman: Nice to *air quotations* the chunkies.

Susannah: Ah, you can't say the word! That's so cute.

Honeyman: Well I think its degrading

Susannah: But its the correct quote.

Honeyman: So I found out it is so true.

Susannah: WELL DUH.

Honeyman: Well I knew it was true, I just didn't know how bad it was.

Susannah: Hahahahahaha!

Honeyman: There is a new girl at work, and ...I'm not judging her here... she is a bigger girl.

Susannah: Bigger how? Like Riley (his exgirlfriend, like a size 10) bigger? Or like Ruth (my roommate, size 28) bigger? Or like me (somewhere inbetween) bigger?


Susannah: But I need a visual.

Honeyman: I Ruth. She walked in and immediately I was acting like she was my best friend! I didn't even know her name! I don't do that with anyone else! It takes me days to even ask their names. I was like, Sus was right. SUE IS 100% CORRECT. And now she is always flirting with me. She is always touching me. And I was like I did it. I did it again! I've got to stop that.

Susannah: Yeah. Sheesh.

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