Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas! aka "We're spending their inheritance, but thats okay!" -Mom

This Christmas has been a lot of fun. Because the cruise next summer is our gift, Santa was skipping our house this year. I was a titch bummed about it at first because, come on!, what was I going to do Christmas morning? sit around and do nothing.

But it turned out to be a really fun holiday season. I was completely focused on what I was giving to my family members. And Santa did come afterall!

Mr. and Mrs. Claus gave me a nightgown, a spindle of CD-Rs, a Go Fish game, a box of Whatchamacallits, and a DVD and instructional booklet on playing guitar. (I've been meaning to pull out my gorgeous black acoustic guitar and attempt to learn.)

Meridith gave me The Princess Bride

The Honeyman gave me a Transformers Mr. Potato Head Optimash Prime (which is totally going next to my Ugly Doll and Giant Microbes. I am so the easiest person to shop for.)

Richard and Suzanne gave me an iPod speaker pillow as well as a darling homemade apron and the family cookbook they worked their behinds off to make.

Clarke had my name this year, he gave me a huge makeup kit and my own URL. (Hahaha, how well does that describe me?!)

(Clarke's message to me on my new website. [as seen on his iPhone] Click to enlarge.)

Today was a blast, and tomorrow will only get better! Deborah and Elizabeth and their respective families are coming up from Nevada!!! THWEEEEEEEEET! I'm pumped.


TDawgYo said...

What's with the blurrification of your URL?

In the words of Gob "Come on!"

Susannah said...

Well, TashiTashi...you know my last name, so you should have no problem finding the new URL. ;)

In the words of Buster "I thought you meant like a plumber or something, and I was like 'When did that happen?'"