Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Its like I cut a hole in the wall, but in another country!"

Last night Tashina and I did a video chat, but it was pretty late so instead of talking we IMed eachother. Oh my. Absolutely hilarious.

Susie: "This silent thing is hard for me. I'm not even GIGGLING!"
Tashi makes a silly face into the camera. Susannah laughs. JERK!
Susie: "For about .025 seconds I forgot you were LIVE, and I was like 'holy crap, the picture is moving!'"
Tashi: "LOL"
Susie: "I love that you type LOL even though I seeeeeee you laughing."
Tashi: "Yeah, I just caught the irony in that."
Susie: "This is how I should date. I'd be so much better at it with a keyboard in front of me."

We live in a weird time, where someone can have acquaintances from all over the world. My siblings mock me for having so many "online friends" or VFriends, as Sariah calls them. But I have met some really cool people that I otherwise wouldn't have, so I can withstand the mocking pretty easily. ;) Heck, if I hadn't met one of my friends in an LDS chat room when I was 12 then I wouldn't know about his band in high school and his friend wouldn't be married to one of my friends right now!

I am "real life" friends with so many of my VFriends now that its all kind of blended in my head. Even the opposite is true, I think I became better friends with Danielle and Ellie via IM than ever in person.

But sometimes I have to step back and realize its not the same. The rules are all different.

* Friend accept/buddy accept -- In what real life situation do you have to say to everyone "I'd like to consider you my friend and make myself available to talk to you. Is that alright with you?"

Blocking -- I hate IM blocking. I really do. It's probably because I don't call people, I IM them. If I'm bored and want to go somewhere I'll check who is on, rather than go down my phonebook. I have only just started blocking people on any of my buddy lists! And that is usually because I'm getting off and on a lot and I don't want to bother them with the alerts. (or they are my 35-yar-old divorcee stalkers whose ex-wives have the kids this weekend, and bought a new car, wouldn't I like to go for a ride?)
To me blocking people is like ducking under a table when someone walks in the room. Yeah, we are both around and I can see you, but you don't get to know I am around unless I have something to say to you. Hello, friendship on their terms!
[I guess its bizzare to me because I don't even bug the people on my lists unless I actually have something to tell them (or its a close friend and I'm saying Hey.) And yet I've found myself blocked on mulitple occasions. Haha, Zaq once pulled me into a group chat and Nikki was there...she was offline on my list, haha. I said, "Oh hey, Nik, I didn't know you were on." Zaq said, "Oops, did I do something wrong?" Hahaha. Oh well, whatev.]

Email -- A lack of a reply to an email is like a friend listening to you on the phone, but never saying anything.

Eh, I had more examples in my head, but now they've been wiped...I'll try to think of them again.

Oh yeah, and when Aliesha wrote on Facebook that she is married to Clarke it said that Clarke would have to approve it before it would post, haha. Random stuff like that makes me laugh.

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