Thursday, November 29, 2007

Manatees: the ocean's speed bumps

On Thanksgiving my parents announced that they are taking everyone (my six siblings, my five siblings-in-law, eight nieces, six nephews, and me) on a cruise next summer through the Mexican Riviera.
We're all excited. Especially because Caroline and Abby will be rooming with Meridith and me, and I'm pretty sure we are going to party (after Mer goes to bed, that is ;) )

Mom: "However, they won't let you go on the cruise if you are six months pregnant."
Sus: "Come on, it's in seven months, just hold off."
Aaron: "Susannah's giving marital advice now?"

Thursday night I was sitting on the couch, watching Peter Pan with my nephew Brayden, when suddenly my sister Elizabeth ran in talking about how I had to go jump on the scale. What the? No thanks, not on Thanksgiving night! She explained that everyone (well, 11 of them) weighed in and we are all going to compete to see who can drop the most pounds before our cruise. So I did it.

One of the things I enjoyed about going to Hawaii with everyone is that as a conglomerate we are not small, toned, and tan. Quite the opposite. Sure there are those stand outs (can you feel the glare, Meridith?) but in general we are a squishy glow-in-the-dark people. And I love it! Its great to be like "I hate my thighs, you hate your pallor, lets go to the beach!"

I've been put in the position of recording everyones monthly weigh-in. Woot!

It will be interesting to see how things pan out. Clarke is a fiend of something; competition, perhaps. He immediately started having egg white omelets for breakfast, and has lost somewhere around four or six pounds. I, however, have proclaimed popcorn a food group (its next to Diet Coke on the pyramid) and have only lost two.

I don't care who wins or how the rankings end up as long as I am smaller than my three brothers and my dad. (At the moment I'm smaller than three of those four.)
The twelve of us weigh 2,627 lbs. I think we'd better not get in any elevators together.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

How fun! Good luck on the weight loss - you can do it! :D

Susannah said...

Thanks, Sariah!