Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Hey, Aunt Susannah, I haven't seen you for seven years!" -Parker

My oldest brother Aaron loves playing Balderdash, but he makes up the most insane answers. It is hilarious.

A peek into our games...


* An uncureable medical disease that causes excess foaming of the mouth.

* State of mind in which one imagines himself falsely incarcerated.

* A medical procedure performed on habitually lying over-eaters. A small camera is placed in the back of the throat and photos are taken after every swallow to document meal content and quantity.


* Southern Pie Makers Association

* Society for Prevention of Middle-Aged Acne

* Steelworkers Personnel Members Association

* Salmon Pumpers Medical Academy

* Superficial Prosthetic Marsupial Assortment


* Inventor of the alkaline battery.

* Initiated the second-wave feminist movement in 1961.

* Thwarted an attempted train robbery in 1884.

* A cross-eyed hairlip who suffered the first and ulimately failed attempt at cross-gender surgery.

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