Monday, July 16, 2007

I don't know much about clothes, but my hair looks fierce

What defines a person's "style"?

Is it clothing?

Recently I was mocked for my belief in "complimenting" rather than "matching". I hate it when people point out I don't match. Why would I want my clothes to match? I'd end up like one of those crazy old ladies walking around in white-on-white or *gasp* light wash denim-on-denim. (oh may the gods of fashion have mercy on my Chadwicks soul) I am constantly trying to get women to see the aesthetic benefits of complimentary colors. And exactly why I have orange, red, and purple high heels. For example: I often wear my blue shirt-dress with pink capris, an orange cami, and purple earrings. And I'm mocked for not wearing white capris, a white cami, and blue earrings. Why would I want to? I hate the idea that I can only pair things with white, black, or khaki.

Is it hairstyle?

Try as I might, I can't do funky 'dos. I like how some look on other people, but my look remains classic- swept bangs, a low ponytail. Does that mean my "style" is classic, or does my desire to try funky hairdos calculate into my "style"?

Is it something else?

I am often told that my car, a red Volkswagen Beetle named George V Dubya, is very "me" and is completely my "style".


I need to have a socially acceptable "style" right now, or so I'm learning. I work in a womens clothing store and a salon, so all day long I am presenting this image of myself as part of a service I offer.

The other day I wore a shirt to work that we carry in the store. The shirt sold better that day than any other day that week. Many people commented that they bought it without trying it on, hoping it will look as good on them as it does on me. (Doubt it, ma'am. I am tall and hourglass; you are short and apple.) I won't instill confidence in putting together pieces for your purchase if you hate what I put together for myself. Umm, yeah, no pressure there.

I can't go too long without touching up my blonde and I can't have a bad hair day because it immediately gives my clients 0% confidence in me. As a hairdresser my own look says more about my skills than any previous client. Umm, yeah, no pressure there.

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Meridith said...

I believe you should put that music video of Snape because 1. It will explain the quote, and 2. I think it's hilarious.