Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Touch me, trust me, savour each sensation

Susannah: "Hey, Dad, do you have Phantom of the Opera on DVD?"
Dad: "Umm, I'm not sure. Why?"
Susannah: "Oh, because I want to see Gerry Butler in it."
Dad: "Oh, is he in that?"
Susannah: "He is the Phantom."
Dad: "Is that your new boyfriend Gerry you've been talking about going to the movies?"
Susannah: "YEP!"
Dad: "Until he is buying the popcorn at the movie I'm not going to get excited."
Susannah: "Hahaha!"


Susannah: "Hey, Meridith, it's Susannah. Uh, just wanted to say good morning and uh... does the Phantom sing Music of the Night? K, see ya later."


Meridith: "Hey, Susannah. Sorry I was at work and couldn't answer my phone. Good morning. Yeah, it's the Phantom...it's pretty steamy."


Susannah: "Thanks for calling me back. Yeah, I was ummm...listening to Music of the Night on my way to work and I wasn't sure if it was my boyfriend Gerry or not."
Meridith: "Yeah, it's him. You've still got to see that. It's a pretty sensual movie."
Susannah: "It's gorgeous... and he's completely rawr."
Meridith: (singing) "Touch me, trust me, savour each sensation..."
Susannah: "I know! It's like Hush up, Gerry, I'm trying to drive!"
Meridith: "Hahaha."

Susannah: "He went to law school, too. And he's completely rawr."
Meridith: "I read that about him. He's not really that cute, though."
Susannah: "Google image search him."
Meridith: "Nah."
Susannah: "Come on. Go to images.google.com and type in Gerard Butler."
Meridith: "I know how to do an image search."
Susannah: "Then do it! Come on!"
Meridith: "I know what he looks like."
Susannah: "Oh come on, just do it. G-E-R-A-R-D.
Meridith: "I'll do it later."
Susannah: "Do it while I'm talking to you."
Meridith: "Why?"
Susannah: "Haha, 'cause I want you to."
Meridith: "Fine."
Susannah: "And I love his laugh."
Meridith: "I guess we'll go to YouTube."
Meridith: "Ok, he is pretty rawr."
Susannah: "Yep."

Music of the Night

on Ellen


Meridith said...

Ok, I never used the word "rawr." hahaha

Susannah said...

Ah, it may not be the exact wordage, but you know it is what you were thinking. Meow!