Thursday, June 07, 2007


Luke: "I want a strawberry one!"
Susie: "Can I have a hug first?"
Luke: "No. No hug."
Susie: "Pleeeeeaaaase?"
Luke: "No. No hug, please!"
Susie: "Can I have a strawberry one?"
Luke: "Yes!"
Susie: "Are you going to get it for me?"
Luke: "Yes! It will be good for you!"
Luke: "Yes a hug for you."
Susie: "Can I spike your hair, Lukie?"
Luke: "No spike my hair! Spike'a my hair is NOT NICE, Auntie."
Susie: "Ummmm, why isn't spiking your hair nice?"
Luke: "My diaper is gooey."
Susie: "Gooey?!"
Luke: "Hehe gooey!"
Susie: "Gross adjective, Lukie."

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