Thursday, June 07, 2007

champagne wishes and caviar dreams

Tonight was the premiere of Ocean's Thirteen.

I decided to drive down there at the last minute. I missed all of the red carpet entrances, but to my surprise, a few celebrities were still milling about, doing interviews.

Oh yes, I just saw Brad Pitt in person. He walked through the line of security and came straight toward me (and the other fans standing in that area.) I've now learned that I can not stare at Brad Pitt standing a few feet away and correctly work my camera simultaneously. I was so horrid at working my camera that all I got was this picture of Brad's shirt. Oh well.

As he got near the crowd surged toward him, shoving eachother to get a bit closer to him. Security immediately led Brad away. George Clooney smiled at Brad as the guards led him away--by which time I was finally able to work my camera again and caught a bit of George's smile. :)

I also saw Don Cheadle, Andy Garcia, Dennis Hopper, and Robin Leach.


Sariah in Vancouver said...

So cool! I'm a tad jealous. lol

Meridith said...

I'm actually pretty jealous of you, too. You should have invited me.

Susannah said...

Next time you guys are totally invited!

TDawgYo said...

I was watching E!Talk or something like that and they showed some of the red carpet at Ocean's Thirteen. I could have sworn I saw you in the crowd. It was a quick .1234 second flash. So, who knows?

Susannah said...

Quite a possibility; I was standing behind the TV Guide Channel chick, and had a direct view of the E! anchors.