Saturday, May 05, 2007

To be thankful

My 8-year-old niece, Caroline, wrote a list of things she is thankful for. She let me read this list, and although it's probably completely wrong of me, I could not stop laughing. Caroline explained of the list, "It gets kind of weird."
(spelling intact, explanations in italics)
These are some things I am thankful for: my house, my family, my food, my school, my brain, my toys, drinks, room, snacks, windows, doors, teacher, pools, movies, colors, shoes, pets, seats, radios, books, songs, clothing, frenitar (furniture), stairs, tables, beds, friends, apples, bananas, cups, boxes, clocks, chips, cars, sisters, brothers, dolls, flowers, trees, paper, chains, phones, rocks, places (hmmm, that was pretty general), pictures, balls, flags, mom, dad, leafs, notebooks, church, abc's, TV, dogs, doctors, music, loshen (lotion), bla(n)kets, that we can learn, numbers, cherrys, crabs, people, seas, fishes, sun, cloud, glasses, plants, coats, dresses, pillows, light, cats, bowling, shows, Noggin, folders, grass, bats, stars, time, faces, juice, parents, Emma, Luke, necklaces, shirts, purses, girls, boys, pants, money, spoons, cities, states, countries, CTR, Jesus, sacrament, people in church, presents, donashoins (donations), cou(n)ties, DI, Nintendo DS, presedents, babies, high chairs, kitchens, chairs, dollhouse people, dollhouse, dollhouse stuff, babys--carrier, bags, matress, storage, closet, vacume, X-rays, teeth, lips, skirts, ships, boats, fruits, Vegtables, eyes, hair, neck, nose, hearts, ribs, tummies, belly buttons, legs, feet, flip flops, paper towles, napkins, toilets, toilet-paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, dentist, carton, words, towles, soap, bathroom, rugs, firemen, police, couches, Santa, sinks, showers, Visitors, gel pens, pens, pencils, mirrors, shapes, grades, medison night, morning adress, draws, art, crayon, the end


TDawgYo said...


too cute.

i'm thankful for pants too.

Meridith said...

Caroline, I can almost track your progress around the house as I read this list. :) Love you.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

Awww! That's so sweet! That's a pretty long list for a little girl! :)