Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Oh goodness, now I need to change my underwear!"

Caroline is supposed to be in bed, asleep. Instead she came downstairs to get a piece of paper to write down the funny things Emma Kate says in bed.

Care was standing next to me, on my left. We were reading the computer screen when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Caroline turned and said, "Oh, hey." I turned, seeing Emma Kate next to my face, I screamed LOUDLY. Freaked me right out!

All three of us fell to the floor in laughter and when we came up for air we cautioned Caroline to not wet her pants, hahaha...the caution came too late, however. Hahahahaha.

Oh man...hahaha.


(Caroline mentioned it on her blog)


TDawgYo said...


care's blog is totally awesome.

i don't think i will make it down thismonth. not unless i can find a cheap flight because so far, it's not looking good at all.

Sariah in Vancouver said...

LOL I wish my girls had their Aunties around to have moments like that! (minus the pants wetting, lol)