Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Samantha let the Pakistani busboy kiss her, afterall he'd been so attentive with the bread."

Today I struggled through a conversation with a couple from Munich, Germany. The very moment I found out where they were from each of my German phrases flew out of my brain except for "Im Dunkeln ist gut Munkeln" and "Spiegel, Spiegel an der Wand, wer ist die schönste in diesem Land?" which REALLY wasn't going to help me, as they mean "in the dark is good hard kissing" and "mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful in the land? [fairest of them all]" (Thank you Herr Sant!) I couldn't even get my numbers correct. ("Eins, zwei, drei, and try to push her down some ice!" ...name the movie)

They asked how to get to the Hofbräuhaus here in Las Vegas and I couldn't help, as I have only been to the one in Munich, haha.

This afternoon I was pushing a dolly full of seven large bags of garbage to the dumpster when my neatly stacked bags started sliding off the dolly. Pretty soon I had only two bags stacked and the others had scattered on the ground. I struggled with each bag for a few minutes, trying to get a grip on them as well as the handle to the dolly. A man sitting on a nearby bench watched me have the fight with the bags. Just sat, watched, did nothing. Slightly annoying.
A few minutes later I was near a small group of people standing around outside on their smoke break. My pile of bags slipped once again. Again I struggled alone to realign the bags. I mostly failed and ended up dragging two of the bags, throwing one over my shoulder, and letting the others slide around the dolly and I slowly pulled it the rest of the way to the dumpster. The group of people just stood there, watching. Very annoying.

I admit I am definitely not the first person to jump in to lend a hand to strangers, but I certainly hope I wouldn't stand by while someone in a skirt and heels fought with seven large bags when it would take me three seconds to grab a few and take them the twenty feet to the dumpster. !!

I was very annoyed, and not because I am incompetent or anything. I could do it, and I did. But the fact that they watched me get more frustrated with each passing minute, and didn't even offer to help. ugh.

As I was pulling my now empty dolly away from the dumpster I watched a woman get a delivery of drinks for her restaurant. She had two dollies full of various cases. She looked at them, back and forth. Finally she got behind one, pushing it toward the back enterance into the hallway leading to her restaurant. She looked back at the other dolly, now standing unsupervised in the middle of a parking lot, before entering the hallway.
Right then I knew what I wanted to do. I pulled my dolly aside and got behind hers. It was heavier than I thought it would be, but I finally managed to get it up to the door. I quickly pulled the door aside and scooted the dolly inside. I left it against the wall, not really supervised, but at least it wasn't in a parking lot anymore. I grabbed my dolly and moved quickly down the sidewalk toward my door, hoping she wouldn't catch me. But I soon heard her door open and a thick Greek accent yelling, "Oh thank you, honey! Thank you very much!" I smiled and waved goodbye to her, and walked through the group of people standing around on their smoke break.


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Cool Runnings - Sanka Coffee

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I'm proud to call you my sister.