Sunday, April 29, 2007

"You look like a potato in a leotard." -Gary Busey, Celebrity FitClub

I think it's good? I haven't decided what it says about me when I get up at 2 a.m., worried about my low caloric total for the day (750), and have a hot dog on a bun of questionable freshness, and throw in a Go-Gurt and some sweet gherkins for good measure.

But it's good to know that I have managed to convince myself to stay up on the calorie totals; that's a very good thing. It is so much easier to just stick with a low total, knowing it will have a faster short-term result.

I'm down 15.5 lbs, putting me up only 29.5 lbs from my lowest total of 2005, putting me up only 15.5 lbs from my lowest total of 2006, putting me up only 25.5 lbs from the effects of Prozac in late 2002, putting me up only 55 lbs from 1998. (Perhaps I keep track of too many random totals?) Numbers are blah anyway; I'm wearing some shorts I bought about six months ago, but they have never fit until now. That's cooler than numbers.


It's funny to go from working in an office, around the same handful of people every day to suddenly being around dozens of new strangers every day. Besides that Israel guy who gave me his number, I've been invited into a pyramid scheme, invited to a party at a suite in The Palms, and well as hit on by a few strange guys. Oh my.
While on my lunch break I was sitting at a table playing solitaire on my iPod when a 20-something guy sat down next to me, haha. He asked if I am from around here then asked if I had a boyfriend. When I laughed he said, "Oh, so no boyfriend then? What, are they all blind or gay?" I laughed and replied "So very gay." Hahaha.

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