Friday, April 27, 2007

"They really seem to be working!"


I am now working in a womens clothing store and this afternoon a man came in and stood near the door for a little bit, then walked up to me...and...well:
Guy: "I think you are a very beautiful woman."
Sus: "Oh?" (Hahaha! I was taken off guard.)
Guy: "Do you have a boyfriend? Or a husband?"
Sus: "Haha, no." (Should have said yes.)
Guy: "You really are very beautiful. I would love to take you out sometime."
Sus: "No thank you, Sir." (Ha! Didn't even think about that answer, it just came.)
Guy: "I would love to take you to dinner, and get to know you better."
Sus: "No thanks."
Guy: "Why don't you want to go out?"
Sus: "Haha, just because."
Guy: "You just don't go out?"
Sus: "Yeah." (true)
Guy: "I would really like to get to know you better; you are really beautiful."
Sus: "Thanks, but nah, I really don't have time for that stuff. I work all day and go to school all night." (true)
Guy: "All night?"
Sus: "Yeah, I don't get home until after 11." (true)
Guy: "Even on the weekends?"
Sus: "Yeah." (not true)
Guy: "Oh, you work a lot?"
Sus: "Yeah." (not true)
Guy: "I would love to get to know you better. You never take time for yourself to go to movies or to dinner?"
Sus: "Yeah, too busy." (not true)
Guy: "Let me give you my number just in case."
Sus: "Ok." [gets paper and pen]
Guy: "My name is Israel, by the way."
Sus: "Hi Israel, I'm Susannah." (D'oh! Natural reaction.)
Guy: "Yeah, give me a call sometime. You just caught my eye, you are really beautiful."
Sus: "Thanks. Bye."
Lori: "What was that all about?"
Sus: "Ick."
Lori: "Hey, free meal!"
Sus: "Gee, glad I cut these bangs! They really seem to be working! Hahaha."
Pat: "Apparently he just likes really tall blondes."
Sus: "Remind me to dye my hair back."

Wow. I have never had someone just ask me out like that before. The closest may be ZackyZack in high school when he said, "...and he said I should bring someone and you are my favorite girl, so will you go with me?" And I wasn't even listening to him when I said Yes, and wasn't sure what the conversation was about until he said, "You are the first person I have ever asked out before." Uhh...wait, what?

Even if Weird Guy At The Store had been someone I'd be remotely interested in rather than someone I am pretty sure has been on Jerry Springer a few times, I probably would have said no. Just because that is my natural reaction. A defense mechanism, if you will. Apparently I'm keeping myself nice and single for a while.
I have accidentally rejected some pretty awesome guys in my time. Oops. But really, you've got to be more blunt with me than those were. (Because, apparently, "Call Me" and your number is NOT blunt enough for me...)

Caroline: "Auntie, you should call that guy who asked you out."
Susannah: "Uh, that's a HECK NO."
Caroline: "Why?"
Susannah: "Because he could be a freak."
Caroline: "You don't know that; he sounds very nice."
Susannah: "We could go to dinner then afterward he could KILL ME."
Luke: "Kill you, Auntie? The bad guys will kill you?"
Susannah: "Hahaha, oops. No, Lukie."
Caroline: "You should call him. You have always wanted a husband...or boyfriend. You should call him."
Susannah: "Hahahaha! You can call him, I'll give you his number."
Caroline: "Nooooooo!"
Susannah: "My feelings exactly."

Caroline: "Auntie, lets go blog about me."
Susannah: "Hang on, I'm helping your brother."
Caroline: "I'm going to do it." [leaves the room]
Susannah: "Hahahaha."
Caroline, on computer: "I'm doing it, Auntie! I'm on your blog!"
Susannah: "Hahaha, whatever."
Emma Kate: "Really? This is Auntie's blog?"
Caroline: "Yeah...I'm gonna do it, Auntie! I'm doing it!"
Emma Kate: "REALLY? This is it?"
Caroline: "HAHAHA, no, Emma! This is!"
Emma Kate: "This is her blog?"
Caroline: "EMMA! This is!"

[in the next room]
Caroline: "That is what Emma's name means!!! AUNTIE!!! That is what Emma's name means! Not MINE!"
Susannah: "What are you talking about, Care?"
Caroline: "THIS! My name does NOT mean 'Latin'!" (said Layton)
Susannah: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Your name means Beautiful Woman, it is Latin...not Layton."
Caroline: "Wha?! What does that mean?"
Susannah: "It means it's comes from comes from the language of...nevermind."
Caroline: "AUNTIE! Your name means HEBREW!"
Susannah: "You're killing your own joke, CareBear."

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