Friday, April 13, 2007

"What time is it? Crack smoking time!" -J

Today is my last day at the office. The question was asked (by many people) what was going to happen with my relationship with MyExBoyfriend now that I won't be here?! I haven't decided yet. The same was asked when he switched buildings (thank heavens he came back to this one, because that was a boring couple of months) and I said that as long as I knew his full name and had access to the county assessors website (stalker, stalker, stalker) the relationship wouldn't end. Bwahaha. (It's a joke, gosh. I have no desire to actually stalk someone. That would involve nice high powered binoculars and I can't afford those right now. I KID, I KID!)

Kandy called my extension and told me she needed some help on the newsletter I created, which she was printing for me. She asked me to come into her office, so I could show her what to do. I quickly jumped up from my desk and jetted down the hall to Kandy's office.

The door was open, so I walked in. Kandy's office was empty, so I wandered next door to Julie's office. Her door was half-open, so I peeked my head in. (I just thought of the past tense of "peek" as "puck", hahaha) Julie was sitting at her desk and she said, "Come on in." so I opened the door and there stood Kandy next to two balloons, a vase with two gorgeous daisies, and a cake. SO CUTE!

So we chatted and had cake and Julie gave me strict instructions to not make her cry, haha.

I'm leaving for Utah in a few minutes. THWEEEEEEEEET!

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