Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"How does hanging out with you help my love life?"

In a contest of the coolest friends I'm pretty sure mine would win. Putting up with my personality is no easy feat.

I live in a place where noone really knows how to deal with me. I'm not so much an odd duck as just different than the people around me. I sit silently and people think I'm angry. I'm not at all angry, I just can't add anything to the conversation of whether or not you should take off your nicotine patch before you have a cigarette, and whether you should take something for the accompanying headache before or after the cigarette-while-on-the-patch.

During this trip I just wanted to see my friends and family. I didn't really get to see any of my family but my parents and Meridith, but I did get to see a lot of my friends.

Saturday morning I drove to Salt Lake with Reba. We met Nikki up there and got to hang out with her for the first time in years, and got to meet her husband, Rob. Then I got to meet Sariah, which was a lot of fun.
After dropping Reba off I went to a concert my dad was playing, which I mostly slept through (Oops!)

Sunday I felt horrible all day long and after my hour long jaunt to church I laid on the couch nearly the entire day. Much better. The Honeyman came over late that night and watched Some Like It Hot with me. (He had never seen anything with Marilyn Monroe, and I wanted him to love her, hahaha.)

Monday I felt icky again, and slept in until Noon. :) Late in the afternoon I went shopping with Sarah and got to see her apartment. She made salsa and had a horrible onion-in-the-eye experience...poor thing. "Pour milk in your eye!" "THIS IS NOT A STALL TACTIC!"
Right after she dropped me off at home I went down to Mimi's Cafe, where Tyler was waiting for me. I was two hours late, haha, oops! We chatted and had dessert; which was a lot of fun.
The Honeyman came by and he and I went up to West Valley to visit with Brittany, whom I had not seen since her wedding two years ago. Her daughter, Jaycee, looks exactly like her!

Tuesday morning I was ill...again. Different kind of sick this time, though. I had to miss my lunch date with Ellie in Salt Lake, which I felt terrible about. I just couldn't drive up there like that. But she is coming down to Las Vegas in a few weeks, so I'll get to hang out with her then.
I had left some things in Sarah's car on Monday night so I went down to BYU campus to meet Sarah by her car. Hilarious! She had heard that if you push the unlock button on your keys while holding it up to a phone the phone on the other end can unlock the car, if held near it. Uhhh...k, hahaha. We decided to try it, hahahahaha. So basically I stood in a parking lot at BYU holding my cell phone up to her car door and yelled, "Are you pushing the button?" Hahaha. Oh man, that was funny. (p.s., it didn't work, hahahaha.)

I went with my dad to drop off George to get his "new specs", haha. After he got all windshield-ed up, I drove back home and quickly realized I was locked out. I went down to the office and got a house key from my mom. I ended up back at my house just after 5 o'clock, which is when some of my friends were coming over! Eek!

Troy and his wife Liza rang the doorbell just as I was plugging in my curling iron (oops! And straight hair again today!) I hadn't hung out with Troy since probably our sophomore year of high school. We've been friends since seventh grade. It was great to see him, and his wife seems really fun. She suggested they have me over for dinner next time I'm up--it's such a weird feeling to have my friends all married off and living real lives, haha.

Jason showed up quickly after Troy and Liza. I hadn't seen Jason since about 2004, I think. It was really great to have him over again. He said he missed my Halloween parties, haha, I said I missed throwing them! I played some Flight of the Conchords for Jason and got to hear that laugh of his that I love.
Soon ZackyZack arrived! Zack and Liza work together, so that was fun to have someone there that she knew. Zack is one of the few people I saw when I was up at Christmas time. :)

Troy and Liza had to leave pretty early, but soon after they left Emily arrived. I had not seen Emily since our last day of high school. (5 years ago...whoa.) And I had not actually hung out with her since...ummm...the 90's? It was quite a while ago. It was so great to see her! She has always been one of my favorite people. A few weeks ago I was going through some things in my extra bedroom and I saw my jewelry box. I opened it and right on top was my half the "Best Friends" necklace Emily gave me in 5th grade. (Which is Grade 5, Tashina ;) ) I found a chain for it and wore it all day, chuckling to myself each time I thought of it.

Emily couldn't stay for long, but she was so much fun for the time she was here! Jason, Zack, Emily, and I sat around the table on the back deck and talked and laughed hard. Right after Emily left Jason had to leave, too. :(

So ZackyZack and I played on YouTube for a few minutes until Nikki and her hubby Rob arrived. Nikki has not changed one iota since she was 15. Ok, well...except for that whole being 8.5 months pregnant thing. She is absolutely hilarious.
The Honeyman got there pretty soon after that and then Tyler came and we all hung out on the back deck for quite a while. Nikki brought along her dog, Daisy. Oh heavens, that dog is hilarious.

After the sun went down Zack left and Nikki, Rob, Tyler, Ryan, and I all went into the house. They played a few rounds of pool, which were absolutely hysterical. There was a point where I had tears streaming down my cheeks from laughing so hard.
ZackyZack came back and we all sat around talking and laughing and taunting Daisy. Soooo funny. I have not laughed so hard in quite a few months.

Around 10:30 Nikki, Rob, and Daisy left. So Ryan, Tyler, Zack, and I all went into the home theater room? large room with the big screen TV and couch in it? Hahaha. We watched a bit of "Hooked On Aerobics", hahaha, which we all remembered as being on TV when we were little. I proclaimed to the guys that hanging out with them was doing nothing for my social life, hahaha. I said, pointing from one to the other, "HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! STRICTLY PLATONIC! GAY! How does hanging out with you help my love life? I'm almost 23! We need a new guy in the mix!!!" Hahaha. They suggested MyExBoyfriendMike, hahaha... I said, "Yeah, a twice divorced 40-year-old NonMormon...there ya go."
Tyler and Zack had never seen Some Like It Hot, so we decided to watch it. :) Ryan fell asleep on the floor, and I nearly fell asleep as well. It ended at 1 a.m., and the guys left soon thereafter.

I took a LOT of pictures...I'll post 'em after I get back to Las Vegas. It is past 3 a.m. and I have spent FAR TOO MUCH TIME playing on Photobooth already this morning. Eek!

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Amy said...

I'm so sorry I missed everything! Finals are over on Saturday, and then I am a free woman, no more college! I hope to be able to visit sometime or at least see you again when you're up!