Friday, March 30, 2007

"I'm going to wander aimlessly; I'll take my usual route." -Lillith on Cheers

It is really sad how many times I have checked my email today. Especially considering the only email I've received in the last two hours was from a website I joined a few months ago, reminding me to keep track of my calories today. EVEN MY COMPUTER HAS TURNED AGAINST MY BOYFRIEND, TWINKIE. YOU CAN NOT STOP TRUE LOVE, LORD CHICKEN BREAST!

My various well-beings update:

Health-wise: Eh, no complaints. (Which really means: everyone around me is sick of hearing me complain.) No sicknesses yet this week, but I did sneeze this morning and have yet to determine whether a cold is approaching or my sinuses are now recognizing my lack of dusting habit.
Also, my heart pain went away for a while. But made an appearance again last night, while I was thinking about running on the treadmill. I sense a correlation.
Also, I think I may have a bit of an oncoming toothache. Time to switch chewing sides!

Job-wise: I asked Leslie if she knew of anyone hiring. I told her to especially look for those seeking my qualifications of determined procrastination and unparalleled disorganization. We'll see how that turns out.

Social-wise: Yesterday, during a pedicure, I was told I have "Flinstone's feet" and it was suggested that I could walk on hot rocks without pain. I nearly told the girl what exactly I felt she could do, though it would probably involve quite a bit of pain.
Also, after a microdermabrasion, I was told I should buy a type of foundation makeup created by MAC to cover major pigment alterations and tattoos. For my face. I unintentionally glared at the woman. She replied, "I mean, it's just a suggestion. Just something you should look into." Basically, I still hate everyone around me and they apparently still hate me.

George-wise: I still do not have a back windshield. Why? Because it costs $400 to replace it. After getting a quote over the phone, I told the man I would have to call him back after I talked to my benefactor; rather than telling him, "Sir, I go through three pairs of shoes a day and at least two shirts. You can't expect me to commit to you so quickly."

Family-wise: My mom is in town because of Ezra's birth yesterday. I'm probably going to hang out with her and Elizabeths family today and head up to Mesquite to see my new tiny nephew and the rest of Deborah's family tomorrow. If I didn't have family around here my head would implode...probably.

Roommate-wise: She is convinced I am completely avoiding her. About time she realized that! (I kid, I kid.) She knocked on my door last night, but I was beyond exhausted and couldn't convince myself to roll off the remote control jabbing in my side, no matter how much I bribed. There was no way I could have answered my bedroom door. Later she yelled at my door, "I was just outside and there is a light on in your car!" I didn't respond because that would have taken more energy than I would have for about six more hours. Also, I knew which light it was and I knew that, if left on too long, it turns itself off automatically. (And I knew that it wasn't a commercial break and I didn't want to miss any of the awkwardness of the episode of Blind Date I was half-conciously listening to.)
Then she left me a note demanding to know why I wanted her to pay an entire bill instead of our usual split, including "WE NEED TO TALK!" Oh gag. If she had been smart, she would have understood the note I initially left her, you know...the one telling her that I overpaid by $28 last month (forgot to split it), so my entire split this month is actually already taken care of...oh yeah, that one! she would have realized that I wasn't actually demanding her to pay anything for me and that I think she needs to SETTLE THE HECK DOWN and realize that I only have 8 total hours home INCLUDING SLEEP and that if I don't beg to know what kind of educational future she has screwed up for one of her students today, it doesn't mean I am avoiding her. It means I am tired, leave me alone.

Sus: I saw my exboyfriend twice today and I have yet to get a wink. I haven’t gotten a wink from him in months. Have you? You probably have. You get more winks than me…and I’m starting to going to have to hate you for it.
Irma: I got a wink today
Sus: Today?!
Irma: Yeah.
Sus: Its probably because I stare at the ground when I walk by him.
Irma: Yeah.
Sus: Do you say Hi?
Irma: He walked by and looked in and I looked up and he winked and I waved.
Sus: I do this {stares at the ground}
Irma: Well yeah; for all you know he’s been blowing you kisses.

Otherwise: I've gained four pounds, though yesterday Julie asked me if I was wearing one of my "really good sucker-inner things" I wasn't.
Also, I have made a new decision that I'm not cutting out soda for my mother, my dentist, or my checkbook. But rather because I decided it makes me feel completely icky. And I now keep a gallon of water near my desk. So I'm not going to feel guilty nor beat myself up over a sporadic 32 ouncer, but rather just be prepared for the amount of complaining I will be doing.

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