Tuesday, March 20, 2007

"Homeboy can pick his flavor!" -Jayar

I know that I've fallen asleep with the morning news on when I dream that Meridith is complaining about the new route the airlines are taking from McCarran International Airport (Apparently the residents of North West Vegas are upset by all the noise...and Meridith is, too.)

I have two problems in the morning:

I turn off my alarm and climb back in my bed, quickly falling back to sleep. My bed is warm and inviting. Outside of my bed is cold and harsh and requires thinking.

Also, I never eat breakfast. I should, but I am just too rushed in the morning, once I finally get out of bed.

So I have come up with a wonderful resolution!
When my alarm goes off I'm going to get breakfast and bring it back to bed with me. That way I can stay in my four blankets and five pillows, and I don't have to think, but I will be distracted enough that I won't fall back to sleep. Wonderful idea! ...now to just become conscious enough in the morning to remember this plan.

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