Tuesday, March 13, 2007

He's 11!

Happy birthday, Brayden!

Today is my nephew, Brayden's 11th birthday.

I confess I had to call Meridith for his age. For some reason I could not remember exactly how old BraydoPotato is. Probably because I refuse to believe he is anything older than 6. It was just a few years ago that he was born, right? I certainly couldn't have gotten old enough already for him to be anything over 6!

I am closer in age to my nephew than I am to his father, my brother. (Brayden and I are 11 1/2 years apart, Aaron and I are 13 years apart.)

Brayd-The-Babe is a funny kid. At least he used to be funny, hahaha. Everytime I see him now he is glued to a game console and our conversations consist of "HEY BRAYDO!" and him replying, "Hi, Aunt Susannah." without moving his eyes away from the screen.

My favorite recent memory of Brayden is the day I was watching him, Camden, and Brooklyn and took them to the grocery store. Miss Brook requested one of the carts that looks like a butterfly and has the section in the front for her to sit in. Brayden brought some money with him, so he kept looking for the perfect thing to buy. Brayd-The-Babe and Tropical-Storm-Camden climbed all over the top of the cart while Miss Brooklyn squealed with laughter inside.
Then on the way home we listened to Weird Al's "The Saga Begins" on repeat and the boys sang along. SO CUTE!

Braydo (in red) at dinner with brother Camden and their mom


Meridith said...

Sue, I should really give you some of my good pictures of these guys.

Susannah said...

Yeah, I am severely lacking in pictures of the family. I have about thirteen thousand of myself, however.