Friday, March 16, 2007

1,000th post

Yeah, this is the thousandth post on this site.

There are many emotional stages to throwing a party. There is the initial excitement at the possibilities; this is where my imagination far exceeds my budget. Then there is the exciting rough sketch phase; this is where a theme is picked and some ideas are laid out. Then there is the nitty gritty phase; this is where I have my Freak Out. It includes the gathering of decorations, creating and distributing of invitations, and the narrowing down of the menu. Then, the day before or the day of the party, there is this strange bliss phase. Just a calm excitement.

I am in BlissLand right now. It is <5 hours before the party, and all I have to do now is transport my stuff to Deborah's house and set it all out.

There are still little details I need to remember about, ie: get the Luau mix on my iPod, charge my camera battery, find the candles for my tiki torches, get the box of leis out of the closet, etc.

Elizabeth called me this morning to tell me people have been calling Aaron asking what Deborah needs--as in, PEOPLE ARE ACTUALLY COMING TO THIS THING, AM I PREPARED FOR THAT? Of course. I do nothing if not highly overestimate the number of attendees. (What? I invited 37 people to my birthday party a few years ago. I planned for 60. 16 showed up. ...a "good turnout" for my record.)

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