Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"I think I bit my tongue when I was asleep, because it least I hope it was me."


Today is my very favorite holiday! Ok, second favorite, after Christmas.
A few weeks ago Irma and I decorated the office door will translucent wrapping paper and red garland with little red hearts. I put little sticky gel hearts around the door frame and on the back of our moniters. Then we put inflatable hearts on the wall behind our desks.
Last week I saw a small piece of a red gel heart on the floor down the hall from our office. I showed Irma and she said, "Yeah, let me show you something." and guided me down the hall, pointing out bits of ripped up hearts scattered down the hall, leading into the womens bathroom and into the garbage. What the? What kind of sad life do you have when you feel you need to shred my decorations?

(I took pictures, and will add them later.)

Today I gave Irma, Julie, and Leslie a potted flower and chocolates. :) Oh heavens, I love this holiday. (Happy Birthday, Amy!!)

Nadia: "I wish every day was Valentine's Day."
Susie: "I wish every day was the day after Valentine's Day. Hello, cheap candy and flowers!


Irma: "They should sell Twinkies at McDonalds."
Susannah: "I don't purchase like a normal person."
Irma: "Unless he gives me money on Sundays he's not my uncle."
Irma: "I love email! You can communicate without having to communicate.
Susannah: "Welcome to my social life."
Susannah: "How much Healthy Choice food can you have before it isn't a healthy choice?"
Jayar: "I've got to stop being a wuss."
Susannah: "Agreed."
Irma: "He's like a machete to my ribcage."
Susannah: "I am absolutely convinced they sprinkled crack on this!"
Frank: "He's from that in Israel?"
Kristine: "Oh man, that's funny."
Jayar: "Not so much 'funny' as 'not funny'..."
KIristine: "Yeah...hehe..funny."
Irma: "Susannah just has to prove me wrong."
Frank: "It's not hard."
Susannah: "Stop it with your french fried goodness!"
Irma: "I've only had two really good Valentine's Days. One was with my stalker."
Susannah: "I think I bit my tongue when I was asleep, because it least I hope it was me."
Jayar, sending an email: "Off with your bad self!"
Juan: "I mean, $48, who gives a rats patootie?"

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thehoneyman said...

Very, Very Funny Post. It made me laugh very hard. I miss you SUe