Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Today I was talking diets with Frank. He said he noticed that I've slimmed a bit and was wondering how things were going for me. I told him I'm down 25 lbs from this time last year, and things have slowed but I'm getting back on track. He said he is starting NutriSystem next week.

He said the he will probably drop 15-20 lbs in just over a month when he starts because of how much he eats right now compared to what he will be eating.

We calculated his calories for yesterday: 4,700 total. NOT FAIR.
He says he probably averages about 1,000 calories a meal and then snacks between them. SO NOT FAIR.

This 6'4" 265 lbs. man can consume over 4,000 calories a day and MAINTAIN his weight; where as I, a 5'10" noneofyourbusiness lbs. woman, have to keep a 1,500-1,800 calorie average to keep a jawline!

He gulps quarts of chocolate milk with his multiple bowls of cereal for breakfast while I'm carefully heating my oatmeal and pouring my tall water.

He orders multiple burgers while I feel guilty and plan my days calories around my Whopper.

He chugs large bottles of highly caloric beer while I push myself to avoid that last can of Diet Coke.

He eats 5 burritos for dinner while I steam my broccoli florets.

Then we both maintain!


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Jake said...

I feel your pain. I work out at the same time as one of my business partners, he can pound two full plates of food and it all stays off. If I eat half of that I'm guaranteed to put back on at least a pound when I check the next morning. Life sucks.