Monday, December 25, 2006

"Susannah sleeps around" and other Sounds of Christmas

Meridith: "Shhhhhh!"
Susannah: "Oh turn on closed captioning and CHILL."
Clarke: "But Susannah, will you be OK sleeping on the couch?"
Susannah: "Yeah, I'll be fine. I'm fine with sleeping on the couch, the floor, the kitchen counter..."
Deborah: "Yeah, Susannah sleeps around."
Deborah: "I mean..."
Parker: "A gift card means I can get any game for none cash."
Elizabeth: "Don't you think that having older siblings has better prepared your expectations for marraige?"
Susannah: "Yeah. I'll be groped a lot and have to pick my battles."
Sus: "Aaaah, the snow is cold! Carry me, Dad!" *jumps*
Dad: "Ouch, you kicked my camera!"
Sus: "I see...have no love for the barefooted daughter."
Dad: "You should have worn shoes."
Sus: "Somebody was yelling for me to get in the car!"
Dad: "Somebody would have been willing to wait had somebody else been getting shoes on."
Sus: "See, now you didn't tell me this!"
Deborah: "I'll be blue and green."
Meridith: "I'll be red and white."
Deborah: "And we'll just call you the bee. (black and yellow) And you'll be...?"
Meridith: "The candy cane."
Susannah: "And you're the badly drawn little boy's room."
Deborah: "What?"
Meridith: "Hahahahaha."
Deborah: "Badly drawn? Hahaha."
Deborah: "The more I look at them the more they do look like little Darth Vaders and Stormtroopers."
Susannah: "Don't make me tear up; I can't see when you cheat."
Dad: "Wear some sensible shoes."
Sus: "What would you consider sensible? Keds?"
Dad: "Yes."
Sus: "Ick. They don't go with my outfit and I hope they never do."
Dad: "Surely you have at least one pair of decent shoes."
Sus: "I have a pair of boots."
Dad: "Perfect."
Sus: "Not for this outfit."
Dad: "They'd be perfect if you needed them."
Sus: "Never for this outfit. They are black, first of all. And have a chunky heel. This outfit needs a dainty heel or flipflops."
Dad: "You are worse than a slave to fashion."
Sus: "No. Just well put-together.
Dad: "Hahaha. I think you're funny and cute."

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