Monday, December 25, 2006


I get so excited with picking out gifts for each person in my family that I completely forget that I recieve things too!

Meridith woke me up just after 7 this morning and I was so tired I didn't want to get out of bed (I was up all night wrapping presents for my mom from my dad.) I finally dragged myself out of my room and down the stairs. Deborah and Aaron woke up Hyrum to join in the festivities.

It was such a fun morning. I gave my mom an Isaac Mizrahi jacket, a black skirt, a Monster Badminton set, and a subscription to Bon Appetit magazine; I gave my dad a Dirty Rotten Scoundrels DVD; I gave Aaron Monopoly (though Deborah probably suggested it because she wanted it, haha); I gave Deborah a subscription to Real Simple magazine; I gave Meridith a blush brush, and eyeshadow brush, an eyeliner brush, blush, eyeshadow, What A Girl Wants DVD, and pajama bottoms; I gave Hyrum pajamas, a baseball bat, and balls; and I gave Ezra a little stuffed frog--which Deborah is holding on to, as the little dude is still a fetus.

I have quite a few more siblings left :) I'm pumped for this afternoon when they all come over and I can list what I got everyone else. Woot!

I wasn't able to give Aaron Ray's family their stuff, and I'm going to give Elizabeth's family their stuff when they come up tomorrow. I gave both Richard and Clarke iLamps (everywhere I've looked online they are listed for $89+ each...apparently I got a good deal); I gave Suzanne (whose name I had for Christmas) a Bath & Body gift card and a Pier 1 gift card; I gave Abigail a Kelly doll set; I gave Parker a Target gift card so he could find a game for his GameCube; I gave Miss Ella Ella pajamas and a Christmas Morning Barbie; I gave Aliesha a Bath & Body gift card; I gave Alexa a Chutes & Ladders board game; and I gave Sophia a Care Bear (Laugh-A-Lot Bear, I felt it was appropriate coming from me) and teeny tiny hair clips.

Oh yeah...I received a few things as well ;)

Purple pajamas, that are matchy with the blue ones Meridith got, a screen protector for my new iPod from Clarke, a Target gift card from Aaron Ray,

A set of books including "Jesus The Christ"

Both "How to Say It" and "How to Say It At Work"

A GIANT box of Fun Dip (from Meridith)

Perry Mason on DVD (Season 1, Volume 2)

Ruby Earrings (these aren't the exact ones, but they look kinda like 'em)
Dad: "They're real."
Sus: "Real 'created' rubies."
Dad: "That's real! They're still expensive!"

A Casio Elixim Ex-270 (A red one, not this black)

And an Ugly Doll from Rico's family.

And I got to feel Ezra move around! He kicked for Meridith, but just wiggled for me...oh well.


Tashina said...

Jesus the Christ is one of my favourite books.

Want to know what I got you?

Oh, and I'm looking into a flight to SLC from Vegas, I know my flight to Vegas takes you away from your family and I did try to find something to SLC or even a later date to Vegas. I'm sorry.

Susannah said...

Oh TashiTashi, don't fret. I just want to make sure I can be there in time to get you from the aiport. :)

Tashina said...


i wasn't able to find a flight, mostly because i don't have the money for one. i'll have $80 until friday. oooh.
anyway, i guess i'll see you wednesday.

peace out.