Tuesday, June 13, 2006

"It's the Brain Drain, his brain is draining."

I fell asleep at work today. Uhhh...oops?

I was having a heckuva time trying to keep my attention focused on the file I was working on, so I decided to lay my head back for a moment. A few minutes later I was jarred awake by the phone ringing. Then Dorkhead came in and asked how to do something (as usual...earlier he told me he doesn't have an email account on his thumb drive. Ummm...duh.) Dorkheads voice was making my head pound and the room was spinning a bit, so I got up and wandered my way into the break room. I folded my arms on the table and laid my head on my arms. I woke up with a start when I heard the rumble of a vending machine--Julie getting a Diet Coke. She asked how I was feeling and I weakly sqeaked out that I was dizzy. She apologized for waking me and told me to take more drugs, haha. I said I had to sleep off the drowsiness effect of the previous pills before the thirty-five minute drive home, haha.

I fell quickly back to sleep and stayed that way for about twenty minutes, until the cleaning people came in.

I am still dizzy and have a file to close out, three cards to prepare, some signs to order, and a few phone calls to make, all before heading off to the post office. Not sure if my brain can handle this...Perhaps a couple more Tylenol Cold Relief are in order ;)

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