Sunday, May 07, 2006

"...which you gotta remember, was way back in the Cretaceous Period; and as far as periods go, oh it was a mother!" -Jon Lovitz, Trapped In Paradise

There are very few reasons to look forward to Wednesdays. Those include CSI: NY and now Food Network's "Ham On The Street"

Hello, George Duran!

I have had many celebrity boyfriends come and go quickly but I'm pretty sure this one is here to stay. I think it was solidified when he deep-fried a fudgesicle or when he chopped up a giant chocolate bar with a machete.!

From his Food Network bio: What do you cook to impress a date?
GD: Chocolate covered anything. What are 5 things you need in the kitchen?
GD: Five friends to help me wash the dishes. Describe your worst dining disaster.
GD: I once added salt instead of sugar for French toast. My friends loved it...go figure! What's in your fridge right now?
GD: A giant ostrich joke. Do you have any hobbies?
GD: Nude stamp collecting. What five foods can you not imagine living without?
GD: Freedom Fries, Freedom Toast, Freedom Dressing, Freedom bread, and especially Freedom Kisses. What foods do you think should be banished from existence?
GD: Cow brains.

Now he just needs to come to Las Vegas...sooner or later they all do, right? Come on, George.


TDawgYo said...

Heh.... George Duran........... *drool*

Meowwwwwww. Thanks a lot Susannah for getting me hooked, and we don't get his show here. Yarrrr

Susannah said...

Hehehe. I love that I got you hooked on him. I guess I said, "I love him, don't you love him?!" too many times, haha. I didn't realize that there was ANOTHER episode on the DVR that we missed--the ice cream one! And that was when he deep fried the fudgesicle! They really just need to release him on DVD. (Release him...hehehe...that made me chuckle.)

Sorry for your lack of George in good ol' Canada; must suck something fierce ;)

Ripped guys are SO overrated. Chubby and hilarious is the new 6-pack. Meow!

Jerry J said...

Susannah - you should go pro. Your blog could by syncronized. You speak to so many folk.

Susannah said...

Whoa, a comment from my Daddy? That is a first.