Friday, May 26, 2006

Tin Man

I went to the midnight showing of X-Men 3 last night/this morning. I was gonna go alone, but Elizabeth & Jayar didn't think it would be safe so Jayar went with me.

The 11:59 and 12:10 showings were both sold out so we had to get tickets for the 12:35, which was about an hour later than when we arrived so we hung out by the concessions for a while. A random guy handed me a flyer and invited us to come to a free screening of a secret big-budget Hollywood action movie starring two of todays biggest stars, but they couldn't tell us the title (my guess is Miami Vice) The screening is on Tuesday, so we'll see if I decide to go or not.

We got ice cream; I got cotton candy (with little chocolate chips) and Jayar got maple nut blah blah blah somethingorother. He mocked my cotton candy ice cream a lot, but I loved it. It's pink. :D

The theater was pretty packed, so we chose a spot a few rows from the top (I am totally my fathers daughter(!) and kept wanting to get closer to the front), where there were 3 empty seats. As the seats filled up I got a tad worried that I'd end up with some weirdo next to me. But when the lights started to go down I was relieved. ...However, a dude walking up the stairs asked if the seat was taken and I attempted to move my long legs over enough to let him pass without sitting on my lap. During the trailers he was messing with his phone, the light was so incredibly bright in my eye that I tried to shield it with my hand discretely, but to no avail.

Really, it's not fair to ask me whether or not you should see a movie because I am incredibly easily amused and what I like is not always what everyone else likes. If it's funny and there are explosions I like it (have I mentioned I'm totally my fathers daughter yet?!)

That being said, I loved X-Men 3

Cousin Hugh is awesome in general. And every time those claws come out is completely rawr. I was surprised with Kelsey Grammer as Beast. I hadn't realized he was even in the movie, letalone the big blue hairy guy! I have a nerdy love for Kelsey Grammer in the first place, but that just upped it.

And I usually don't go for the whole short, ripped, blonde guy thing but I love Ben Foster as Angel. I hadn't seen anything he was in since he was Tuck in that old show "Flash Forward"

Other random thoughts:
Jean/Pheonix's hair is GREAT and I am almost slightly considering going red again because of it.
Storms hair was horrible. Those in charge of Halle's wigs should be kicked.
Colossus = Meow!
I could do with no naked Rebecca Romijn, thanks.
Try as I might, I am no Anna Paquin fan.
I have a nerdy love of Patrick Stewart. That is all.


TDawgYo said...

Yeah, the Colossus guy is totally MEOW.
And Ben Foster is in this movie with Bruce Willis called Hostage where he plays this creepy, greasy-haired, psycho.

Travis Butterfield said...

Jean Grey's hair was sometimes nice, sometimes not. Over-all, she was just kind of sallow and not nearly as attractive looking as I remember her being. I'm not sure if it was just the makeup and special effects, but, she just looked unhealthily skinny (especially in the face - which was all too angular and bony). I just remember her being so gorgeous in the first two movies, and I wasn't all that impressed this time around. But, then again, she WAS supposed to be kind of scary . . . So, maybe that's why.

Susannah said...

Yeah, she was freakishly skinny. And her hair was randomly ugly when she went into Phoenix mode. But in general, it was great. :)

Amy said...

I also have a nerdy love of Patrick Stewart. When I was growing up, Star Trek: The Next Generation was my favorite tv show. His nice bald head and warm round voice... He is great. I watched it religiously with my dad. We are too similar when it comes to movies with explosions.