Sunday, May 28, 2006

Pythagorean Theorem

I took an IQ test a few days ago and learned that my math skills are lacking. Shocker, I know. (Heck, I was pumped today when I found that my new cell phone has an easily accessible calculator!)

But even with my math abilities sucking I scored pretty OK on the test: it says I have an IQ of 129

Take it and let me know what you get. :)

the test


Travis Butterfield said...

Dang. You're smarter than me. Maybe I should retake it. ha ha ha

TDawgYo said...


TDawgYo said...

OH! I found an awesome t-shirt for you. You might have already seen it at ThinkGeek, but when I saw it I thought of you:

And the one I want is this one:
I also want to get the Syphillis and Gonorrhea Plush Microbes just to say that I have Syphillis and Gonorrhea. Also, I'm thinking that the next pet I get will be called Phil/Phillis which will be short for Syphillis.

Also, I love Fonzie.

Susannah said...

Dear TashinaDawgYo,

Apparently your math skills are not absolute crapola like mine.

Also, I love that shirt, I think I shall order it. :)

Let me know how that sack shirt works for you.

Platonic Smooches,

Travis Butterfield said...

why are you never on msn messenger anymore??? too smart for the rest of us?

TDawgYo said...

Yeah. I'm a genius.

I'm so excited for the Sack t-shirt. I also ordered a copy of Wicked. And I'm waiting for my bid on a copy of Into the Woods on Ebay to be the best one so I can finally have it. I love that show.

Susannah said...

I'm "never on msn messenger anymore" because my sister was in town and then I was in Mesquite overnight. But I will be on tonight and pretty much all my life until this weekend, when I will be in St George.

Or maybe I just blocked you. Who knows? ;)

Travis Butterfield said...


Rico said...

138. Crap... let me take it again!