Thursday, May 25, 2006

"he PERMED me!"

Recently I found myself almost jealous of others' desires to run, hike, camp, and be all around outdoorsy. But then I realized that the closest I should be to all that is burning marshmallows over a fire pit then crawl back into my car to drive back to my home to sleep in my oversized pillow topped bed.

I think I went camping once when I was little. It's one of those memories that may have happened or may have been a movie I watched a long time ago.
I think I was with my cousins on my Mom's side ('cause heaven knows the paternal side isn't about to do that sort of thing!) and there may have been a bear wandering our campsite in the morning. Who knows? Certainly not me.

In high school I needed a P.E. credit to graduate (ha!) so I had my choice of either dance (insert your own jokes here) or Recreation. My Recreation class consisted of 20 "Granola"s, my metrosexual GAP-employed buddy Jeremy, and me.

While learning the best way to wax our snowboards Jeremy and I beamed notes back and forth on our Palm Pilots. While discussing the best fly fishing techniques Jeremy and I perfected Solitaire. While competing to see who could set up a tent the quickest Jeremy and I sat on the grass and chatted. The day of our field trip to the canyon to practice the basics of rock climbing Jeremy got a note excusing him from school, I showed up in a skirt and high heels.

One afternoon we were discussing the ins and outs of camping. These were hardcore campers I was with. Our teacher posed the question "What is your ideal campground?" One guy said smooth ground. Another said in a clearing, as to safely allow for a fire. Another said away from water, to avoid a lot of insects. I yelled out "COURTYARD BY MARRIOT!"

That was my favorite class. We learned waterpainting, because it was something people do for recreation. On the long days we would have 4-square tournaments (when Jeremy and I sat on the table and chatted.)

But I digress...

Deborah and I went to Arches once with Amy and Sarah (who are sisters, Amy is my friend and Sarah is Debs...Hi Amy!) and their cousins. That was fun. All I really remember is playing in the deep sand in some canyon. Huh, odd. While everyone went on the hike to Delicate Arch I went shopping with Amy's mom. They thought it would be best for me, bwa ha ha. I'm sure they were right; I was definitely the slowest hiker and very afraid of heights.

Other than that and Girls Camp, I have never been a much experienced camper. Sure, I threw the tent out in the backyard on numerous occasions, but its just not the same when you have the TV running on an extension cord from the kitchen...

So here is my goal: I am going to attempt to become outdoorsy-ish this summer. I am planning to go to Arches with Amy again this summer, not sure exactly when yet. Want to come with us?

I excel at marshmallow burning, and plan to use my skills a lot.


Meridith said...

Two comments actually:
1. I would love to tag along to Arches. :D

2. No, we never went camping with our paternal side of the family either. hahaha

Meridith said...

I meant maternal. :)

Susannah said...

We had to have gone! The memory is too vivid to only be a movie, it has to be a real memory enhanced with random details from a movie! (Ok, so maybe there was no bear.)

For some reason I think I remember playing with Rhett and Ben in a tent.

Oh, I don't know!

With such an outdoorsy person like our Grandpa you'd think it would have rubbed off a bit, ya know? I mean, heck! He was a total cowboy, for cryin' out loud! You've gotta learn something from your family, right? least I can pick out all major instruments in any orchestrial recording, eh? ;)

Meridith said...

We should have Deborah read this...I bet she'd comment about how you always make up memories. ;)

Susannah said...

Oh I hate when she does that! It's always in front of a group of people, too, so I look like a TOTAL idiot.

I don't make up memories, dang it!

Travis Butterfield said...

remember that time when we were making out in the woods, and that bear came up and bit my leg? Man. Those were the days . . .

Susannah said...

Indeed, travis, those were good times.