Wednesday, May 24, 2006

"Just like old Mikie, now you too can see into the heart of a chunk of tree"

It was brought to my attention today that my birthday is in TWO MONTHS. First of all: where did the year go? Secondly: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhh. I usually have my birthday party completely planned by this point including a rough draft of the invitations. Bwa ha ha.

Thirdly: Today I was asked what I want for my birthday. So for those merely curious, as well as those who desire to spend thousands of dollars on me, I give you the beginnings of MY WISHLIST:

Because, come on, that's funny!

(More to come soon, I'm sure)


Rico said...

What?!?! You forgot the sushi bracelet, the mini soda can, teddygram, sushi, and lego earrings???

Please... surely you can call the list complete...


Rico said...

You forgot the lego head earrings too!!!

And the sushi Pillows!

Shame... Shame! Shame! Shame!


Rico said...



Sarah C. said...

Don't worry Sue, I have loads of money to spend on desk accessories for your birthday. Don't you worry one bit. ha ha ha

Susannah said...

What was I thinking?! Obviously I wasn't thinking at all, because I defintely need those Bacon and Eggs earrings, the fortune cookie bracelet, the sushi studs, not to mention the Lego Head Earrings! A Must for every season.