Friday, September 01, 2017

Casey Jones

This kid is so wiggly and kicky and flippy. When I'm at home, relaxing, it is fun to be able to actually see the kicks now! Little blips, like a localized hiccup, haha.

But when he flips around when I'm working, it still feels like the beginning of anxiety. Ack. The stomach flipping feeling is fleeting, but still puts me momentarily on edge, readying for the other symptoms of anxiety to follow. Blech. But he doesn't flip too much while I'm working, I'm hardly standing still long enough to not be rocking him back to sleep.

Sometimes we call him by his probable name now. A few days after we found out I'm pregnant, Derrick came out of his office and suggested a name. I chuckled at the name, because he had suggested we gave him the middle name of Jones for Casey Jones, the character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, haha. I vetoed that. A few days later I asked if he was serious about the first name, if he liked it. He said yes. I was surprised because I didn't hate it, hahahaha.

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