Thursday, August 02, 2012

Guest Post -- A Complete Mystery

This morning I got this text from Meridith:
Do you mind if I write an in depth blog post about everything about you?

(When she sent it to me I had to laugh. Of course Meridith can put me in words. She, like Deborah, can finish my quotes and my stories.)

*Disclaimer: I did ask permission before illustrating and analyzing my sister's personality. In response, she said these are her favorites posts--which says something in itself about her. ;)

Susannah I probably know the very most among all my siblings. Apart from her simply analyzing her own personality to me, we've spent the most time together on family vacations, and in the past I would sometimes be her wingman or shopping buddy when she needed some time out of the house.

I think it would be funny to see us together. I take after our mom in many respects (be it personality, humor, body type, etc.), and she takes after our dad. She is 5'10" and has been assumed to be in her thirties since junior high. I, with my lack of birthing hips and general want of curvature, since recently (since I had a baby, probably), have been mistaken as a high schooler. She usually carries my child when we are out together, so that probably just furthers people's assumptions.

Susannah, to many, is a complete mystery. Having known her so long, and being the little sister confidant who doesn't tell her what to do (usually), I enjoy sometimes trying to figure her out myself. She's exasperating, surprising, paradoxical at times, and truly loving. But here, not even in its entirety, I put forward from my perspective of Susannah.


Once you have Susannah's friendship, she is your friend for life. She will do anything for you and give anything to you. I do say "once you have her friendship," because she has very low tolerance for insincere, unthinking people. Instead, she appreciates wit and intelligence--even if the writing happens to be in the absolute dumbest movies of all time.

She loves to lavish others with gifts. She DELIGHTS in this. She loves to give parties so that the people there will have fun. That is her main goal. She is not out to impress you with her baking skills or decorations, *unless they have added more to your enjoyment*. The biggest compliment you can give her is to come to an event she has planned and have the time of your life.

Susannah is the most easily distracted person I have ever met. Talking on the phone with her--I hear the first line of a story she needs to share, then immediately all the details of what she is doing at that moment while talking on the phone, which then reminds her of someone, then reminds her of another story about them, which leads into her current schedule for the week. We finally get back to the initial reason she called only to begin again. Party planning (and vacation planning) takes days because of this.

She has great family pride. You mess with family and you are mud in her opinion. She enjoys the familial way of doing things.

Through this, Susannah has been taught a good work ethic and respect for others. She will work her hardest... as long as it is something she enjoys. She will go non-stop on haircuts or craft projects or family research or babysitting my baby (bless you!), BUT unless she is at work, once you tell her she has to do something on your timetable? It probably won't get done--until the very, bitter end.

She's also a procrastinator, which probably doesn't even need to be said.

Susannah will not lie to be kind. She will not tell you she will do something when she won't. She can't even stay silent about it. (Drives me crazy.) She hates confrontation but cannot *stand* not telling you how she feels.

She has been accused of being confrontational and irrational in the very act of trying her hardest to be extremely logical and clear in her thoughts. She speaks concisely, which to some sounds like withholding angry words.

She loves her nieces and nephews above any others. She cherishes beauty (in music, language, people, and nature) and seeks peace and fun. She likes hugs, even if she wouldn't admit it outright.

Susannah has very great confidence in herself, her figure, and her abilities. She has an inquisitive mind and loves learning new things. She is fascinated with chemistry and forensics and human nature and family history.

She will not follow the trend. She will learn all about it on her own and be the best outside the trend because she knows more than anyone else who is following.

Susannah is kind--has a kind heart. For her, the greatest thing someone could do is support her in her ideas, have confidence in her abilities, and maybe laugh at her jokes once in a while.

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Elizabeth said...

I love Susannah sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!