Sunday, May 20, 2012


Breakfast as we pulled into the port. (My usual grits. I became very fond of grits on this vacation.)

Met at 8:00 in Medusa Lounge, got off boat onto a small pier. We had arrived in Alanya, Turkey.

Got on two buses, taking our places in the back row. (As there are three of us and all of the seats are clumped in twos except for the three seats across the back.)

First stop: Perge
According to Acts, Paul traveled through Perge then later gave a sermon in Perge.

I didn't quite understand what it was we were looking at, other than ruins. It was very interesting, none the less.

We bought these matching dresses in the gift shop on the cruise ship. I enjoy that, although we are dressed in similar clothing, we all have our own distinct style. (And I look to be 72% legs.)

There is a roped-off section where the dirt was swept away to reveal this beautiful tile work underneath. We brushed away the thick layer of dirt we were standing on and were pleasantly surprised to see these tiles underfoot.

Outside the ruins was a little gift shop. I dropped a 2 Euro coin and it fell through the slats in the deck porch area of this gift shop. :/ I don't think I bought anything in this shop, but I believe Celeste bought a scarf. (One of thoooooouuuusands she purchased on this trip.)
On the outskirts of the parking lot, a woman had jewelry laid out on the ground. I chose a chunky necklace, which I think I paid about $5 for.

We got back on the bus. Lunch time!

Our guide explained that lunch would be a buffet, and it was $10 a person. He would collect the $10 as you got off the bus. Objections were raised, and our guide agreed to let us look over the food before we decided to purchase the buffet.

I perused and refused.

I spent about $4 for this Coke Zero. I enjoyed this meal of Coke Zero.

After lunch we headed over to Aspendos Amphitheater.

Our cute little guide was born in Turkey but was raised in Germany. Oh my, what an accent! I had a hard time understanding 30% of what he said.

Our lesbian power couple Christmas card pose:

The gladiator that you had to pay well to pose with.

After Aspendos:


We were taken to a market that had shops down every little street. The shops and streets were all pretty neat and clean. We stopped in a few stores and chatted with the employees while looking at the goods. One man in particular LOVED AMERICANS! He got all gushy when we told him where we are from. Unfortunately, his watches and jewelry were way too expensive for me. Nice guy, though.
I bought a few keychains and bracelets (with a nazar for the Evil Eye) from a little shop being run by two brothers in their teens.
Celeste and Rachel went wandering down to, um, I'm really not sure where. I was wearing boots and my feet were killing me. I chose to stick around the shops.
I wandered into a store that had interesting knick knacks, carved chess sets, tea pots, etc. I ended up buying three rings with large stones (for about $3 each, if I remember correctly).

"I can show you the world; shining, shimmering, splendid."
Cele has found herself a flying carpet.

There were belly-dancing outfits EVERYWHERE. One guy kept trying to get me to buy one. I laughed. I laughed hard.

Back on the bus!

A little market, as seen out my window.

The sun sets over Turkey.



Sariah said...

This just looks so cool! I'm kinda jealous... but so glad you're sharing! :)

Meridith said...

Yeah, James!